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AI Dungeon

multiplayer online games - AI Dungeon

Single player and multiplayer text adventure game driven by the artificial intelligence.



multiplayer online games - BasketPulse

Online basketball management game from Lithuania.



multiplayer online games - BuzzerBeater

One of the longest running online basketball manager games, created back in 1999.


City Guesser

multiplayer online games - City Guesser

Game based on the videos taken in different parts of the world - all you have to do is guess the correct location.


Dawn 2055

multiplayer online games - Dawn 2055

Text-based browser game set in post-apocalyptic wastelands of Nevada and California - explore, fight, progress, trade, craft, scavenge, build.


Fallin Game

multiplayer online games - Fallin Game

Slovakian game inspired by Fallout universe, Metro universe, but also the Darkest Dungeon.


Fantasy League 50 Goals

multiplayer online games - Fantasy League 50 Goals

Online game that mixes the football prediction with a bit of social deduction - each player has 50 goals to spend during the season, but has to decide how and when use them wisely.


Football Arena

multiplayer online games - Football Arena

Czech online soccer manager created as copy of Hattrick, but since then moved in different direction.



multiplayer online games - Freeciv

Browser version of original Civilization game - build your civilization and face the other tribes in fight for domination.


FUEL Basketball

multiplayer online games - FUEL Basketball

Basketball manager game - build your team from scratch and challenge users from around the world.


Hockey Arena

multiplayer online games - Hockey Arena

Slovakian hockey manager game, one of the longest running titles of the genre.


Kingdom of Loathing

multiplayer online games - Kingdom of Loathing

Set out on adventure into the world of surreal humour and parody of adventure games.


Matchday 11

multiplayer online games - Matchday 11

Online football manager game in which you face opponents from around the world.


Pro Football Sim

multiplayer online games - Pro Football Sim

Romanian online football manager game that concentrates on the tactical aspect of the match.


Procedural Realms

multiplayer online games - Procedural Realms

Text-based RPG that combines classic turn-based RPG combat with crafting and survival game elements in a procedurally-generated world.


Smart Cookie Trivia

multiplayer online games - Smart Cookie Trivia

A fun, challenging, multiplayer quiz game, where players compete to earn the most cookies by answering 25 trivia questions across a broad range of categories.


Street Racerz

multiplayer online games - Street Racerz

British street racing multiplayer game - start from scratch and face your competitors for the top spot.


The Weekend Predictions Game

multiplayer online games - The Weekend Predictions Game

Football / soccer prediction game, in which you compete against other users trying to guess the scores of real life matches.



multiplayer online games - TypeRacer

Global Typing Competition - increase your typing speed while racing against others.



multiplayer online games - ZePirates

Embark on adventure set in ZepiratesLand archipelago aboard your faithful pirate ship.

Wargaming apologized! Nah, just kidding

Wargaming apologized! Nah, just kidding

As they say "blink and you will miss it". But don’t worry, you will not miss Wargaming’s apology for recent sh*tstorm, because they, of course, do not plan to apologize for anything.

More gaming companies are going mental

More gaming companies are going mental

Another month and another case of gaming companies trying to outbid each other who will come up with worst idea. And, oh boy, do they got good at it.