Anstoss Online

online sport games - Anstoss Online

Online version of once top-selling football manager game, Anstoss, with multiplayer options and some basic functions.

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online sport games - BasketPulse

Online basketball management game from Lithuania.

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Best 11 Manager

online sport games - Best 11 Manager

Romanian online football manager game that offers single multi-national league structure and national teams.

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online sport games - BuzzerBeater

One of the longest running online basketball manager games, created back in 1999.

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Cricket Championship

online sport games - Cricket Championship

Free browser-based cricket management game, where you manage and coach a cricket team. You choose which competitions to enter, select your team, train your players and, most importantly, define the tactics that your team will use in matches.

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Fantasy League 50 Goals

online sport games - Fantasy League 50 Goals

Online game that mixes the football prediction with a bit of social deduction - each player has 50 goals to spend during the season, but has to decide how and when use them wisely.

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Football Arena

online sport games - Football Arena

Czech online soccer manager created as copy of Hattrick, but since then moved in different direction.

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Football Star

online sport games - Football Star

Games that is spin-off of Planetarium Menager, instead of managing the football club you manage your own career as a football player.

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online sport games - Football-o-Rama

Online soccer manager game inspired by classic games of the genre, like Championship Manager with unusual approach to the club management.

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Footballtop Manager

online sport games - Footballtop Manager

Polish browser football manager - take control of the club in one of few countries and reach the top spot.

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FUEL Basketball

online sport games - FUEL Basketball

Basketball manager game - build your team from scratch and challenge users from around the world.

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online sport games - Goleada

Bulgarian online football manager that offers 3D and 2D view of the matches.

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Grand Prix Racing Online

online sport games - Grand Prix Racing Online

Bulgarian Formula One online manager that built a dedicated community of users, but is mostly famous for it’s rather shady practices when it comes to user data.

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Hockey Arena

online sport games - Hockey Arena

Slovakian hockey manager game, one of the longest running titles of the genre.

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Manager League

online sport games - Manager League

Multiplayer football manager game that runs from 2003 with dedicated group of players.

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Matchday 11

online sport games - Matchday 11

Online football manager game in which you face opponents from around the world.

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Max F1

online sport games - Max F1

Free browser F1 team manager game, unfortunately available only in Polish and unfortunately requires Flash plugin that soon will be blocked by major browsers.

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My Basketball Team

online sport games - My Basketball Team

Free online fantasy basketball manager online game, in which users manage all aspects of their teams - training, transfers, facilities.

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Mystify Soccer

online sport games - Mystify Soccer

Mystify Soccer is online soccer manager that simulates the divisions in 8 European countries (England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Romania) using real team names and fictitious players.

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online sport games - Neuronball

Futuristic online sports management game, where you compete against other players using team of your own hit-tech robots.

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online sport games - OFM

German online soccer manager with all the trademarks of the German games of the genre - simplicity and strict rules.

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Online Boxing Manager

online sport games - Online Boxing Manager

Online Boxing Manager is a free sport strategy game, in which you train your fighters to face opponents from around the world.

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online sport games - OSM

Simple Dutch online soccer manager game that with time evolved into major player on the market, which is not always a all that good thing.

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online sport games - Pitwall

Formula One online racing game that allows you to build your own racing team from scratch and compete with users from around the world.

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Planetarium Manager

online sport games - Planetarium Manager

Online soccer manager game that drew inspiration from Hattrick, but with few additional elements it created completely different experience.

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Pro Football Sim

online sport games - Pro Football Sim

Romanian online football manager game that concentrates on the tactical aspect of the match.

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Racing Boss

online sport games - Racing Boss

One of the longest running car racing manager online games - established in 2001 by F1 enthusiasts from Lithuania as F1Time, now renamed to Racing Boss.

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Santa Monica FC Online

online sport games - Santa Monica FC Online

Single player online football manager / soccer manager game, in which you compete against teams in one from over 180 countries.

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Table Tennis Manager

online sport games - Table Tennis Manager

Multiplayer table tennis manager game - train your players and face clubs managed by other users.

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The Web Boxing League

online sport games - The Web Boxing League

Boxing strategy / simulation game, in which you create boxing characters with different abilities and fight for the championship title.

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The Weekend Predictions Game

online sport games - The Weekend Predictions Game

Football / soccer prediction game, in which you compete against other users trying to guess the scores of real life matches.

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online sport games - vManager

Brazilian online football manager that simulates real clubs in real divisions, but with generated players.

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Xpert Eleven

online sport games - Xpert Eleven

Swedish online football manager that had quite a unique approach to player parameters - there are none. Well, one...

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online sport games - Zoccer

German online game from 1997 that is not actually a simulation, rather a football-themed strategy game.

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Hello darkness, my old friend

Hello darkness, my old friend

One of my favourite quotes from Mystery Science Theater 3000 is "he came, he changed nobody’s life and then he left", which pretty much describes what happened to Cyberpunk 2077. Again.

2023, the year of the brainless?

2023, the year of the brainless?

We are just 3 days into the new year and already you can look with nostalgia on good old 2022, when things were simpler. No, I’m not talking about war in Ukraine, possible war over Taiwan, possible ...