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More gaming companies are going mental

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Another month and another case of gaming companies trying to outbid each other who will come up with worst idea. And, oh boy, do they got good at it.

More gaming companies are going mental

Where to begin? Let’s start with Rockstar Games and their parent company, Take-Two Interactive, which started to harass every single company that has a product or name that contains word "rockstar". Why? Mostly because they are evil, perhaps they have too much money and have no idea what to do with them, so they spend them on the best possible cause - the lawyers. They sent threatening letters demanding that those small companies drop the use of the word "rockstar" in their names or names of their product. Oh, by the way, there is one tiny exception, they do not threat to sue PepsiCo over Rockstar Energy Drink. I guess they do not have cojones to take on a big company, the pointless harassment of tiny companies is enough for those pathetic w*nkers.

GSC Game World, who supposedly will revive Stalker series, after few really not great ideas has come up with another one. With about 5 months to planned premiere, no gameplay preview in sight, no gameplay details in sight, but with pre-order options widely open GSC Game World decided to... reach for NFTs! If you do not know what NFTs are, don’t worry, it’s not worth your time to know. The acronym stands for non-fungible token, which means that for real money you could be "owner" of set of pixels. Why would you want to? Nobody knows, but gaming industry thinks that they found the new way of milking the morons that have more money than brain cells. What NFTs got to do with Stalker 2? You could buy the right for your face to be present on some NPC (non-playable character) inside the game, so... absolutely nothing. It’s just another desperate way to get your money for something worthless.

Unfortunately this is not the only bad news about NFTs in gaming world, Ubisoft, who long ago forgot how to make good games, will move into that... let’s be generous and call it business opportunity, that NFTs are (because "money-laundring opportunities", "scam opportunities" and "milking the gullible opportunities" could suggest that NFTs are bad). To show how low the bar with NFTs currently is: Peter Molyneux, once a game creator and in recent times a sad little man, is also thinking about changing the gaming industry with NFTs. God help us!

CD Projekt Red, the infamous developer and publisher of Cyberpunk 2077, one year after game premiere still could not provide users with any solid timeline when ANY new content will be available in the game. But the huge news about Cyberpunk 2077 is that they will work on multiplayer content. Perhaps. Some day. Probably. Not that anyone actually demands such content, players are still waiting for the missing features to be implemented in the single player game, bugs being finally fixed, any new content be available. I think the best way to describe it was in a comment to that news, which read: "read the room, CDPR, read the room"...

Another good news for CDPR is that they most likely will avoid the class lawsuit by... quietly reaching settlement with investors. So, of course, as any hero of gaming community would do, they will buy their way out of that particular dark corner. What about gamers that are left behind with half-cooked product? Who cares? Not CDPR for sure. The one line in the possible settlement news that describes best what CDPR has become reads something like "just because we are seeking settlement CDPR do not in any way agree with the allegations that were presented in the lawsuit". So... they are ready to pay for something they haven’t done, like lying to the world in what state the game actually was just before the premiere. Yeah, seems legit.


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I told you so!

This news creates mixed feelings in me - I want to make a smug face and repeat "I told you so!" and at the same time I wish this news was not true. Yes, it is Stalker 2 again. Yes, it’s bad news again. No, I’m not surprised. During the Gamescom 2023 a new trailer of the title was shown and... let’s just say it wasn’t received well.

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