The Grail Lords online game

The Grail Lords  2006

Title: The Grail Lords

Year introduced: 2006
Country of origin: Belgium
Languages: English

Price: free

Online RPG game, in which you create your own character and dive into the world filled with adventure, mystery and danger during your Sacred Grail Quest. Use your skills to become a renowned Craftsman, a cunning bastard or a noble knight. Grow in reputation and fame during your ultimate Quest and become a Grail Legend!

* Free to play! Always!
* More than 100 Skills to master.
* More than 600 Achievements to earn.
* Taverns for social interation.
* Active staff and weekly updates.
* Unique Quests to complete.
* Social and helpful community.
* Trade in different towns and markets.
* Experience unique events.
* Personalize your Character.
* Become councillor or Town Leader.
* Enjoy one of the mini-games.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 based on 4 votes


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