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Online games

Crime Scene

Online games - Crime Scene

Crime Scene features fictional crime cases in a unique combination of interactive fiction and gaming.



Online games - Geogee

Casual online game centred around geography - guess flags, shapes of the countries and other details.


Detective Stories

Online games - Detective Stories

Challenging short stories that will test your creative thinking - face the Detective Stories.



Online games - BFSMO

The Best Fantasy Football Manager Online is a free to play football manager game with a round of matches played every day.


Space Trek - The New Empire

Online games - Space Trek - The New Empire

Mixture of strategy and RPG game set in space, where you can colonize planets and improve your ships.


Elysium RPG

Online games - Elysium RPG

Elysium-RPG is a text based game multi-user dungeon (MUD), accessible via telnet or a MUD client.


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Notpron (2004)


BasketPulse (2013)


Racing Duel (2014)


The Outbreak (2009)


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best online games Apex Legends

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There is no such thing as AI. Yet.

There is no such thing as AI. Yet.

Every single day we all are bombarded by brand news about brand new AI tool that will somehow revolutionise the world, bring the apocalypse or will turn us all into slaves. There is just one problem ...

The curious case of SkapeGote

The curious case of SkapeGote

The 2020 pandemic made changes in lives of many, many people - for most it was negative impact, but as this article should highlight, for some it might have been a blessing in disguise. It is the curi...