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Online games

Warlords of Eluria

Online games - Warlords of Eluria

Warlords of Eluria is a turn-based fantasy wargame/rpg set in the mythical lands of Eluria. Each player takes on the role of one of the many warlord factions vieing to extend their own kingdom in a time of upheaval.


Criminal Connection

Online games - Criminal Connection

One of the online mafia games, in which you build your own crime empire from scratch.



Online games - vManager

Brazilian online football manager that simulates real clubs in real divisions, but with generated players.



Online games - Goleada

Bulgarian online football manager that offers 3D and 2D view of the matches.



Online games - Zoccer

German online game from 1997 that is not actually a simulation, rather football-themed strategy game.


Soccer Game Pro

Online games - Soccer Game Pro

German online football manager that covers 17 different countries.


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World of Tanks (2011)


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Mystify Soccer (1997)


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