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Brace yourselves, the revolution is coming!

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The earthquake called restructuring of a beloved company seems to come to an end. After selling a few studios, laying off over 1300 people, cancelling some upcoming titles, the CEO of Embracer Group has come up with a bold strategy for the future - he is going to make better games!

Brace yourselves, the revolution is coming!

I knew that one day the revolution in the gaming industry will start, but I never expected that it will happen on 29th March 2024, after several waves of lay-offs in the companies. Yet, CEO of Embracer Group, Lars Wingefors, will lead the charge towards the bright future for the industry by introducing... better games!

In his recent interview with PC Gamer he stated, "we are ending the restructuring programme now, end of March, and the Gearbox restructuring process has been part of that programme". When asked about future plans he said, "to increase profitability and cashflow generation (...) simply making better products and games".

No wonder he makes big bucks in Embracer Group, I mean, it takes a lot of effort to come up with such a clever plan for the future. We can only imagine where Embracer would be right now if he would come up with that great plan years ago. But also this raises one interesting question - does that mean that up to that point they were holding back and publishing only mediocre titles?

Nevertheless, now the gloves are off, and Embracer Group is going to offer better products! Where that revolution could lead us? What will be next? Restaurants will offer clean plates? Trains are gonna arrive on time? Google is gonna start paying taxes?


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