Footballtop Manager online game

Footballtop Manager  2019

Title: Footballtop Manager

Year introduced: 2019
Country of origin: Poland
Languages: English, Polish, German

Price: include premium accounts / options

You can choose a team in one of 8 countries: England, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Netherlands or Portugal, Division 1 or Division 2, and through training and transfers build your team until you reach the top position.

The players are described using just few parameters (skill, technique, stamina, fitness, morale and experience), which means you will not be swamped into deep analysis who is the best choice for the next match. Also you can train the youth team players, who will one day move up to your main squad and build a new generation of stars.

The background options include improvement of your stadium and its surroundings, signing sponsorship deals and setting ticket prices.

The game is free to play with options available only to supporters.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 based on 2 votes


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