browser games

Anstoss Online

browser games - Anstoss Online

Online version of once top-selling football manager game, Anstoss, with multiplayer options and some basic functions.


Best 11 Manager

browser games - Best 11 Manager

Romanian online football manager game that offers single multi-national league structure and national teams.


Criminal Connection

browser games - Criminal Connection

One of the online mafia games, in which you build your own crime empire from scratch.


Football Glory

browser games - Football Glory

One of the early online football managers online - established in 2001.



browser games - Goleada

Bulgarian online football manager that offers 3D and 2D view of the matches.


Grand Prix Racing Online

browser games - Grand Prix Racing Online

Bulgarian Formula One online manager that built a dedicated community of users, but is famous for it’s rather shady practices.


Mystify Soccer

browser games - Mystify Soccer

Mystify Soccer is online soccer manager that simulates the divisions in 8 European countries (England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Romania) using real team names and fictitious players.



browser games - Pitwall

Formula One online racing game that allows you to build your own racing team from scratch and compete with users from around the world.


Santa Monica FC Online

browser games - Santa Monica FC Online

Single player online football manager / soccer manager game, in which you compete against teams in one from over 180 countries.



browser games - vManager

Brazilian online football manager that simulates real clubs in real divisions, but with generated players.


Warlords of Eluria

browser games - Warlords of Eluria

Warlords of Eluria is a turn-based fantasy wargame/rpg set in the mythical lands of Eluria. Each player takes on the role of one of the many warlord factions vieing to extend their own kingdom in a time of upheaval.


Where is Caroline?

browser games - Where is Caroline?

Simple adventure game based on sitcom Caroline in the City and retro game Agent USA.


Xpert Eleven

browser games - Xpert Eleven

Swedish online football manager that had quite unique approach to player parameters - there are none. Well, one...



browser games - Zoccer

German online game from 1997 that is not actually a simulation, rather football-themed strategy game.