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Football-o-Rama online game

Football-o-Rama  2021


Year introduced: 2021
Country of origin: Poland
Languages: English

Price: include premium accounts / options

Originally published in 2002, Football-o-Rama returned in new version in June 2021 armed with new range of options. Original game gained momentum through unusual approach to club management, f.e. stock market was available, where users could buy and sell shares of their clubs, but mostly because of the transfer system that was based on direct negotiations and not auctions.

Apart from typical options game also offers off-field activities that can influence the progress of your team, like wide range of staff members (even dietician, language teacher or data analyst) and lots of stadium details for you to fiddle with.

Although game does not offer 3D match engine the depth of the game is in different elements, like progressive learning your player parameters (mor he plays for your team more you learn about him) or the team fit parameter, which describes how well player cooperates with rest of the team. Also manager can improve his skills through RPG-like transfer of experience points to gains in some fields of the game.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 based on 6 votes


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Football-o-Rama  2002
Football-o-Rama  2002
Football-o-Rama  2002
Football-o-Rama  2002

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