Eleutheria online game

Eleutheria  2019

Title: Eleutheria

Year introduced: 2019
Country of origin: United States
Languages: English

Price: free

Eleutheria is interactive novel built by the community of writers, who push forward the storylines set in ancient Greece. Eleutheria is an intermediate to advanced historical writing forum. All that means here is that you’re able to post enough to carry a plot forward and give your partner enough useable material to work with. That’s it! So if you think you can manage that then congratulations! You’re an intermediate to advanced writer!

Every ancient kingdom and every city within that kingdom had their own unique culture and social climate in Eleutheria. We’ve done our best to provide maps and details on the territories available to explore so your experience on Eleutheria can be as immersive as possible. People in power, city reputations, and what scenery to expect while travelling are just a few of the subjects you will find elaborated on when you click the city names. Ancient Greece was referred to as Hellas and its inhabitants were called Hellenes.

The roleplay is set after the end of the Second Peloponnesian War. We are currently in 402 B.C. Our roleplay moves at a 4:2 pace -- which means every 4 months that pass out-of-character, Eleutheria will move forward 2 months. Time within the current in-character months is liquid, which means you can have threads that take place anytime within those particular in-character months -- we only ask that you keep track of when your own threads occur in order to maintain consistency in the continuity of stories on the site.

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