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Stalker 2 trailer... sort-of

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GSC Game World presented a brand new Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl trailer, which introduced us to... dozens of shades of darkness. Literally. And that’s about it.

Stalker 2 trailer... sort-of

GSC Game World uploaded brand new trailer to their troubled production of Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl. After about 3 years of development you would expect something spectacular to keep the attention of the audience, but... nope!

The almost 3-minutes long trailer offers some narration, some pre-rendered scenes of truck driving through a darkness and... not much more. As a person, who actually was looking forward to return of the series, I’m really getting tired of the "news" and "updates" about Stalker 2 that contain nothing substantial.

Yes, the war in Ukraine put a lot of people in front of situations noone would like to face, like fear of death, fear your loved ones are at danger, the world we knew is gone, but really this is getting ridiculous. GSC Game World had to move their staff out of Ukraine, the production was disrupted, there are more important things in the world than a game, but really, this is the best moment to put up some nothing-burger just to announce that the production will be delayed again?

The concept art is cute, the pre-rendered scenes are cute, but unless you can actually show ANY in-game footage, ANY in-game screenshots, stop wasting time on marketing BS. Situation in Ukraine is dramatic, your employees had to flee their homeland, GSC Game World, does this really help anyone? Another pre-rendered scene that shows nothing from a game you already started to sell last year...


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Stalker 2 returns... in the news

Stalker 2, game under development in Ukrainian studio GSC Game World, again hits the news, and again not for particularly good reason.

Stalker 2 postponed until September

GSC Game World has done it again - they postponed the premiere of Stalker 2. Again. Once more. Yet again. The umpteenth time. And that is the whole news.

Timber! Stalker 2 is about to fall flat on its face

Almost 3 months ago I was worried that Stalker 2 might be a huge disappointment for several reasons. Now, that developers showed us the gameplay trailer, lots and lots of red flags popped up on this project that made me feel smug and important...

Stalker 2 development suspended

Due to Russian aggression on Ukraine the development of Stalker 2, a highly anticipated sequel to Stalker series games, has been suspended.

It is... a... sort-of... news... I guess

CD Projekt Red announced that they work on Witcher 4! And... that’s about it. No, I forgot, we now know the title! And that is really it.

The curious case of SkapeGote

The 2020 pandemic made changes in lives of many, many people - for most it was negative impact, but as this article should highlight, for some it might have been a blessing in disguise. It is the curious case of SkapeGote, a Canadian man, who by accident became a youtuber.

It was worth it!

It was worth it!

Few years back YouTube, as it is a tradition of that company, screwed over the creators on the platform by changing the rules of monetization and in single move cutting a lot of people from potential...

Grind is the new gameplay

Grind is the new gameplay

Times change and we change with them as the ancient wise people used to say and today we see the new version of that saying - games change and we change with them.