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Stalker 2 postponed until September

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GSC Game World has done it again - they postponed the premiere of Stalker 2. Again. Once more. Yet again. The umpteenth time. And that is the whole news.

Stalker 2 postponed until September

Well, not exactly whole news, this time they prepared a video material and everything. And by "everything" I mean the same pre-rendered scene around the fire, but cut down to about 20 seconds and an accurate date for the premiere, September 5th, 2024. Well, probably accurate. At least for now. Most likely. As far as we can tell. This new "trailer" is so short and pointless, that I won’t even bother to add it to this "news". Unless Stalker 2 is gonna be a tea drinking simulator, it will tell you absolutely nothing about the game (like any of the previous ones).

So... that is actually it. Just to summarize: on their own YouTube channel, GSC Game World, publisher of one of the most anticipated games this year (and to be fair, also two previous years), in the past 12 months managed to publish about 9 minutes of materials. Most of them are just the trailers (pre-rendered) and a very short bit of actual gameplay, so... we’ll see how this will end, but I don’t hold my breath in anticipation.


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Stalker 2 just got a gameplay video... sort-of

After 3 years since the moment we first had the chance to buy Stalker 2, it seems like the game finally is reaching... a quite early stage of production. At least that is the conclusion of the newest video, which shows 12 seconds of gameplay. Or rather "gameplay"...

I told you so!

This news creates mixed feelings in me - I want to make a smug face and repeat "I told you so!" and at the same time I wish this news was not true. Yes, it is Stalker 2 again. Yes, it’s bad news again. No, I’m not surprised. During the Gamescom 2023 a new trailer of the title was shown and... let’s just say it wasn’t received well.

Stalker 2 returns... in the news

Stalker 2, game under development in Ukrainian studio GSC Game World, again hits the news, and again not for particularly good reason.

Stalker 2 trailer... sort-of

GSC Game World presented a brand new Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl trailer, which introduced us to... dozens of shades of darkness. Literally. And that’s about it.

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting better

Or to be precise slightly better. For some users. Yes, CD Projekt Red, finally came up with patch 1.5 and... it’s still far, far, far from what was expected from the game.

Stop this planet, part 2

Admitting you have a problem is a first step to fix that problem. A simple rule that a lot of gamers should look into - if you are unhappy with the state of gaming industry, start with your own behaviour to solve that problem.

Wargaming reached level of The Simpsons

Wargaming reached level of The Simpsons

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Why Stalker 2 will most likely fail

Why Stalker 2 will most likely fail

We just gained some details of the upcoming Stalker 2 (or rather S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2) game, but it is scarce info to be honest. And that makes me fear it will be a failure on premiere. Here is why...