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Stalker 2 news - Stop this planet, I wanna get off!

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Stalker 2 popped up in the news again, due to NFTs drama, but also exposed that nothing has changed in the world lately. Unfortunately.

Stalker 2 news - Stop this planet, I wanna get off!

Just day or two after the completely moronic idea to include NFTs in Stalker 2, GSC Game World, developer and publisher of this upcoming game, more or less retracted that statement. If you don’t know what NFTs are, then you’re fine and healthy human being. If you feel the need to know take a look at our article that briefly explains how stupid idea that is.

On other fronts there is nothing but joy for Stalker fans - GSC Game World published gameplay screenshots and they look amazing! At least for those fans, who failed to spot one small detail - those are not gameplay screenshots, they are just artwork showing what they hope game could look like. It’s a small, but important detail.

We are four months away from planned premiere, although I seriously doubt it is in any way realistic date, we still have not seen any bit of gameplay footage, not a single gameplay screenshot, not even any hint what the content will be. All we got so far is artwork, concept art, loose ideas, bits of information and, of course, chance to give developers our money.

I saw a video, in which another clickbait artist was convinced that he has information about completely new element that will be introduced into Stalker 2 - survival. What a pity he did not played even a single of the previous games, because survival, as he described it, was present in every single one - you had to eat, you had to drink, you had limited stamina, hunger limits your stamina, etc. When I got through comments under that video no one actually spotted that fact, which made me worried.

I was even more worried, when I read what people put in their comments - they were delighted with the gameplay (they haven’t seen yet), they praised the weapon customization system (they haven’t used yet), they were cheering for April premiere (that hasn’t been confirmed yet), they were happy to give developers more time to finish all the details (even though there is absolutely no info how far the development has moved so far). And all of it around the first anniversary of Cyberpunk 2077 premiere, a game that before premiere was praised for gameplay, graphic side, RPG system, people were waiting ages to play it and were hugely disappointed just days after.

Yup, even after Cyberpunk 2077 failed premiere, there are still people, who cannot spot difference between concept art and gameplay footage, people, who are ready to praise the game they haven’t seen yet, not to mention people, who are ready to pay for the game they haven’t seen yet. Oh yes, there are. I got through comments on Steam, where you can find plenty of comments like "I already pre-ordered the game to support developers". Oh, humanity!

There’s nothing wrong with supporting developers, but as it turned out a lot of those people do not understand a simple word on the screen that makes all the difference. During discussions some of the people, who already pre-ordered game were convinced that "developers will get the money when they publish the game". And that, my poor, misguided, fellow-Earthers is the problem - on Steam you cannot pre-order Stalker 2, you can only pre-purchase it.

What’s the difference, you ask? Well, pre-order means that money are locked on your account and released to the developer on the day the product will be available. Pre-purchase means that money were taken from your account AND DELIVERED to developer. In pre-order you, more or less, promise to buy something when it will be available, in pre-purchase you give someone money and they promise that one day you will get it. Unfortunately there are still people, who do not understand that slight difference and they are making fools of themselves in public, convinced they are doing the right thing and moving the development of the game forward.

And this is what really makes me angry: because of people like that we are in the point that we did not wanted to be - developers are getting money for nothing, for empty promises, for shiny artwork, for concepts they will some day work on. That’s why I recently wrote an article called Cowboys and idiots - Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t an isolated incident, we are stuck in the world, where people with excess money and limited intellectual capabilities are ruining the industry for everyone else. If there wouldn’t be people, who don’t understand difference between pre-order and pre-purchase, who can’t tell the difference between concept art and gameplay footage, gaming companies wouldn’t get away with selling complete BS for real money.

Of course there are developers, who are truthful, honest, determined to provide the best possible product, but they became a tiny minority, who simply sink in the sea of mediocre, unfinished, buggy, abandoned projects that fill platforms like Steam. And as long as there will be people stupid enough to pay good money for just a promise of getting some product one day, we will not move out of this cesspool. Year ago Cyberpunk 2077 got away with something that was on a verge of being called a scam, looks like the gullible players found their new shiny thing on a horizon, Stalker 2, and can’t send their money fast enough, hoping it isn’t gonna be a scam. Oh, humanity!


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