Goleada online game

Goleada  2014

Title: Goleada

Year introduced: 2014
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Languages: English / German / Italian / French

Price: include premium accounts / options

Goleada is Bulgarian online football manager that can be played via browser even though it offers what can actually be called a 3D view of the matches or optional 2D top-down view (similar to old Championship Manager and Football Manager games).

All players in the game are presented as very simple 3D objects, which is nice, but also could be annoying with time. Players are described using few basic parameters, which is often not enough to make your mind about team selection. Transfers are made via auctions only and training options need some time to get used to.

Whole game was build on online applications framework and offers a very tidy interface, but unfortunately navigation proves to be tricky at the start and sometimes the interface gets stuck on an option and you can’t switch to another option. Also some of the data presentation screens (especially player statistics) are far from being perfect.

Overall interesting project, but through the use of external framework the final effect is a mixed bag. On one hand you get 3D match view, which is not perfect (f.e. players can dribble while moving backwards, defending team often do not setup wall in case of free kicks), but it gives some idea of the gameplay. On the other hand the game statistics are hardly useful feature and it is hard to determine which of your players is worth keeping. Interface itself does not help either, f.e. you can sort your players through a single parameter, but you can’t compare them in easy way (only by exporting the data to Excel format).

Rating: 2.67 / 5 based on 3 votes


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