Pro Football Sim online game

Pro Football Sim  2012

Title: Pro Football Sim

Year introduced: 2012
Country of origin: Romania
Languages: multiple

Price: include premium accounts / options

PRO Football Sim is an online football manager game, where you manage your very own virtual club in one of the 26 playable countries in the game. It’s a game that can be played with your friends or alone.

You don’t need to login every day to be successful. Matches are usually played once every 2 days (more if the team is in the Cup or in International matches). You can easily set your tactics before every match and forget about the game.

Unleash your inner manager with the tactical options we made to be at your disposal, and outwit your opponents on the field. Matches are played in real time, so you can always pop-in and see how the team is doing.

You can develop your own strategy in the game. Invest in the youth and sell them for the right price, transfers high-profile players and compete for the league, or choose to re-build your team. You decide what works or doesn’t for your team.

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