Adventures On Planet Procgue

online exploration games - Adventures On Planet Procgue

A text-based game: you are a scavenger with nothing left, looking for loot on abandoned planets, when your spaceship breaks down.

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online exploration games - Blastmud

Multiplayer text-based post-apocalyptic MUD game - can you survive in a world, where everything wants to kill you?

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Core Exiles

online exploration games - Core Exiles

Core Exiles is a sci-fi browser game, you play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune.

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Dawn 2055

online exploration games - Dawn 2055

Text-based browser game set in post-apocalyptic wastelands of Nevada and California - explore, fight, progress, trade, craft, scavenge, build.

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Deep Space Colony

online exploration games - Deep Space Colony

Browser-based online game set on the three-planet system - trade, explore, build your colony or try to conquer the other two planets.

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online exploration games - Freeciv

Browser version of original Civilization game - build your civilization and face the other tribes in fight for domination.

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Gemini Station

online exploration games - Gemini Station

Browser-based space RPG: focus on trade, piracy, or espionage as you upgrade your ship and uncover the source of the mysterious energy readings that have started appearing around the system.

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online exploration games - OGame

German massive multiplayer universe exploration and conquer game, online since 2002.

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online exploration games - Phoenix

Text-based game set in space - take over your own ship and discover the far corners of the universe or join one of the factions.

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Pirates Glory

online exploration games - Pirates Glory

Online pirates game inspired by classic Sid Meier game Pirates! - travel through the waters for fame and wealth.

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Procedural Realms

online exploration games - Procedural Realms

Text-based RPG that combines classic turn-based RPG combat with crafting and survival game elements in a procedurally-generated world.

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online exploration games - ZePirates

Embark on an adventure set in ZepiratesLand archipelago aboard your faithful pirate ship.

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Gamers are weird creatures

Gamers are weird creatures

Recent developments in several titles made me think that gamers are truly weird, weird creatures that should be studied by science, because it’s not how human kind should work. Or is it?

Lord of the Rings MMORPG cancelled

Lord of the Rings MMORPG cancelled

Lord of the Rings MMORPG game, that was suppose to premiere in 2021, has just been added to the growing list of titles in development and then abandoned by Amazon Games.