Truce online game

Truce  2022

Truce is a tick-based online battle arena. Join a guild or fight solo while exploring dungeons or facing bosses. Collect shards and invest them, or train and improve your character. Keep your money in the bank for the interest, or spend it all on weapons and armor.

Will you go for a defensive strategy, and develop your income, or be offensive, and make your money from the arena? Spend energy on dungeons, bosses or the arena. Your main goal is to rule the arena by being the most powerful player among all others.

Your total power is defined by 3 factors: Attack Power, Defence Power and Bonus Power. The player’s rank is defined by their total power compared to other players. The higher your power, the better your rank. When you start playing, you will be unranked. It is updated every world update.

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Pixie Interactive is active no more

Pixie Interactive is active no more

Another company, Pixie Interactive, just went under due to absolute morons in charge, who thought cryptocurrency is the way ahead. What can I say besides Pixie Interactive kicked the bucket, Pixie Int...

Wargaming apologized! Nah, just kidding

Wargaming apologized! Nah, just kidding

As they say "blink and you will miss it". But don’t worry, you will not miss Wargaming’s apology for recent sh*tstorm, because they, of course, do not plan to apologize for anything.