Mafia Returns online game

Mafia Returns  2006

Title: Mafia Returns

Year introduced: 2006
Country of origin: United States
Languages: English

Price: free

"I assure you, there has been NO mistake." the man behind you growls into your ear as he presses the cold steel of the .45 deeper into the crown of your skull. "The money, I’m sorry... It was the money!" you cry back in a humiliating attempt at saving your own life. Several hours later, you are found by police with urine-soaked pants and a 50 dollar bill stuffed firmly into the back of your throat. You didn’t live. Welcome to MafiaReturns, the single most complete and open-ended Mafia Based Progressive Role Playing game on the net! Destroy your enemies, strengthen your friends. Build or destroy dynasties with the click of a mouse. The power is truly in your hands.

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