Zoccer online game

Zoccer  1997

Title: Zoccer

Year introduced: 1997
Country of origin: Germany
Languages: German

Price: free

German online game created back in 1997 which did not change much since then really. Zoccer is not exactly a football manager game as such, or a football simulation, rather a football-themed strategy game.

How does it work? Each team gets a pool of goals to "spend" on league games (and in some divisions, cup matches) for the whole season. Out of those goals, 60% can be used in home games, 40% in away matches. So in each round you have to guess how many goals your opponent will "bet" on this particular match and place at least one more to win. Since every team has the same pool of goals available, you have to work out the perfect formula to beat the opponents.

Those simple rules did not change much since the game premiere in 1997, which makes it a bit difficult to compare to actual online football managers, but on the other hand, it shows that those simple rules simply work in the case of Zoccer. There are several leagues available - German Bundesliga, Austria, Swiss league, Swedish, English.

While it is not a typical football game (if anything, a simple strategy game) it is a refreshing approach to the genre that offers completely different experience.

Rating: 3 / 5 based on 1 votes


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