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EA has done it again

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Electronic Arts, a company behind one of the most popular games in history, was voted Worst Company in America by Consumerist in 2012 and 2013, also 5th most hated company in the United States by USA Today in 2018, never stops to excel in what they do. Now they brought even more misery to the world.

EA has done it again

Potions: A Curious Tale, an indie game about a young witch travelling through enchanted lands, debuted on Steam on March 7th. It is not a title that we would hear about if it weren’t for one tiny detail - Electronic Arts caused irreversible damage to the game premiere without even trying. How? Easily, EA dropped 11 of their old games (f.e. Command & Conquer) on the platform on March 7th without any warning or advertising.

While it might be good news for nostalgia nerds, who will be able to purchase the games they used to play years ago, the creator of Potions: A Curious Tale, Renee Gittins, was not that thrilled, since the title she has been working on for the past 10 years was quickly pushed out of the spotlight on Steam by the sudden influx of old EA titles. While she chose the date of March 7th because it is a day before International Women’s Day, and it is linked to the themes of her game, EA chose that date because it was the perfect time to start cashing on the old crap they had lying around the office. I guess.

To be fair, Potions: A Curious Tale does not sound like a game that would become an instant hit and would melt down the Steam, but it must be soul-crushing to work on something for 10 years and then have it ruined by an evil corporation for no particular reason. Maybe no one would have noticed the premiere of Potions: A Curious Tale if it was not for the story behind it, but now we will never know because EA had to make some pity cash on peddling their old crap.


When nostalgia is not nostalgia

Times change and we change with them - simple ancient sentence that has a lot to do with game development. I know, you expect to find here the rambling of old man about how old games were better, right? You won’t be disappointed then.

Stalker 2 just got a gameplay video... sort-of

After 3 years since the moment we first had the chance to buy Stalker 2, it seems like the game finally is reaching... a quite early stage of production. At least that is the conclusion of the newest video, which shows 12 seconds of gameplay. Or rather "gameplay"...

World of Warships is getting desperate

Or maybe it’s just a wishful thinking, but I got a surprising e-mail from Wargaming that made me laugh. Not with them, at them.

Starfield - in space no one can hear you yawn

Starfield, one of the most anticipated games of the year, had an early access premiere yesterday and so far the impressions are not that great. Again. Not again, in the sense Starfield impressions, but this is again a big game set in space, which fails to deliver.

Unity, are you ok?

Unity Technologies, a company behind very popular Unity game engine, hit the news again, but not for reasons you might expect. Yup, it looks like they became the new evil corporation on the horizon.

Surprising (?) demise of Phasmophobia

No, Phasmophobia still exists, it does have some pretty loyal fanbase, it has about 16,000 active users, so... where is the demise you ask? Well, it is just around the corner, but the symptoms are, sadly, already here.

Guess what died today... again!

Guess what died today... again!

Google is officially shutting down Google Stadia. Blah blah blah, yada yada yada, I told you so! But to be fair, so has everyone else...

Steam blocks NFTs and cryptocurrency

Steam blocks NFTs and cryptocurrency

Steam just took a stand against NFTs in the games available on the platform. Is this the first sign of getting back to normal?