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It’s a commentator-eat-commentator world out there

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There is a special kind of youtubers, a bottom-feeding kind, which craves the drama and will do anything just to score some pathetic points and stir some more drama. Yes, I’m talking about "commentator channels", so it’s pitchforks time!

It’s a commentator-eat-commentator world out there

Every few weeks a new drama pops out on the commentator channels, something nobody really cares about, but everybody should hear about. Did you hear what happened on Twitter? Have you heard what the youtuber you never heard of did last week? You will never guess who just got exposed! But there is more, the drama got worse, much worse! You will never believe what happened next!

Few months back there was a fresh "drama" involving youtuber Coffeezilla and a "man" I’m not even gonna bother mentioning. There were money involved, there was a scam going on (supposedly), they made their videos and for a week or so every single "commentator channel" on youtube (a man with a mic and camera) had something to talk about.

But there was one aspect of that "drama" that really drew my attention - since there was a possible lawsuit involved every single "commentator channel" or streamer, no matter how tiny audience they had, was quick to offer "my platform" in case Coffeezilla and the other guy would like to talk about this. Yes, two people with few millions of subscribers will of course use much smaller channel to talk about this. It was really depressing to hear words "I can offer my platform" repeated again and again. Mate, you have no platform, you are a youtube channel, meaning you could be gone if youtube says so.

Not so long ago another "drama" exploded - evil company is trying to steal beloved Steam game called "Dark and Darker". Every single commentator channel had something to talk about, even though not many details were available to talk about. But who does not love a good evil company fairy tale? This frenzy reached its peak when that evil company produced documents that threw a different light on that matter. What happened next? Yup, it is a new drama - the evil developers, who tried to steal something. Or evil company, which tries to deceive the world. It’s one or the other.

But there was one exception - commentator known as penguinz0 was convinced that the documents provided by the company mean absolutely nothing, because... he said so. The company is evil, because they were evil in the past, so... that is it. Even his chat was trying to explain to him that when you are an employee (something he is not familiar with) EVERYTHING you do as part of your job belongs to the company that pays your wages. Otherwise there would be knock-off products right, left and center and no company would survive. But dear old penguinz0 made up his mind, they are evil and that is it.

Recently another youtuber, iilluminaughtii, who specializes in dark secrets of companies and other people, got "exposed" by former colleagues for being evil. I’m not really sure what was so evil about her, but facts don’t really matter when there is a fresh drama! She provided evidence that contradict the allegations, but it was too late - every single tiny "commentator channel" on youtube comes out of woodwork with pitchfork to join the pileup. I mean who cares about facts when you can score some sweet, sweet youtube points and gain dozens of subscribers?

To be fair, their "content creating" opportunities are very limited - they do not create anything, they cannot come up with their own ideas, they do not have products of their own, all they can do is join the angry mob and perhaps gain some recognition in the process. Once there will be a lawsuit their part in the drama is over - it’s hard to create drama when everyone know all the facts.

But this particular case was slightly different - they can take over subscribers from another "commentator channel", so it is a double win! At least until one day they will be "exposed" themselves. After all, it is a commentator-eat-commentator world out there. And you won’t believe what will happen next! It will get worse, much worse!


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