Notpron online game

Notpron Not Pr0n 2004


Original title: Not Pr0n

Year introduced: 2004
Country of origin: Germany
Languages: English

Price: free

Notpron is not the first ever online puzzle game, it does not have impressive graphics or fancy interface. As a matter of fact the game itself was just a hobby project for its creator, David Münnich, who admitted that he did not spent much time on taking care of the details and if he would started the game today, he would have done a lot differently. Nevertheless from beginning Notpron became surprisingly popular, mostly due to it unusual approach.

Notpron is close to the concept of meta online games, where the website you are visiting is not the only source of the solutions and the game breaks the canon of puzzle games (or rather expects you to find the solution where you would not assume you will find it).

It is a raw, unpolished project that keeps people trying to solve the puzzles further and further without really knowing what is the point of all of this. Right now the game has about 140 "levels" you have to get through before you can find the solution, but out of 19 millions users so far only less than 100 actually finished the game.

Rating: 3,86 / 5 based on 14 votes


Notpron trivia

Notpron is actually a typo

David Münnich, creator of Notpron, was inspired by game he stumbled upon on the Internet, entitled ’This is not Porn’. He decided to make something similar, so he created a directory called ’notpron’, where he placed the project. While he spotted the typo it was too late to fix it, since people have flooded his game, and the game became known as Notpron.

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