Written Realms online game

Written Realms WrittenRealms 2016

Title: Written Realms

Original title: WrittenRealms

Year introduced: 2016
Country of origin: United States
Languages: English

Price: free

Written Realms is a platform for interactive fiction games. It is a modern take on Multi-User Dungeons, but web-based and using websockets rather than telnet for the connection protocol. This, combined with its responsive front-end, makes the worlds of Written Realms playable anywhere: on a mobile browser to pass 5 minutes of leisure time, or on a computer for challenging encounters and longer play sessions.

You can also build and play narrative adventure games yourself - the platform is open for new users. Just click a Play button and jump straight into a small introduction world. Once you fight your way out of the cave, you will be taken to Edeus, the multiplayer world where more adventure will await you.

Written Realms is free to play, no ads, no paywalls, no annoying popups. Let yourself get fully immersed in another world, created by someone passionate about the genre. The platform features a rich combat system with four playable classes, each with distinct skills and character customizations. Play on any device, anywhere: the game offers a different layout and interface for desktop and mobile. Different worlds to progress through, some single-player and some multiplayer. You can even build your own.

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