Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea online game

Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea  2022

Title: Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea

Year introduced: 2022
Country of origin: China
Languages: English, Chinese

Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea is a multiplayer online game, in which you are put in command of a warship in PvP sea battles. It is similar to troubled World of Warships, but has slightly different philosophy and set of options. On surface the titles are almost identical (although original Steel Ocean premiered before World of Warships) - they have very similar basics, HUD, interface, trees of progress, etc. But while WOWS went a different route and most of the secondary armament (like secondary guns, AA guns) are automatic, in Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea you have to manually control them if you want to use them.

Is might seem like obstacle, but this game is just more demanding than WOWS, f.e. there is no help display when you prepare to fire torpedoes, there are no magic planes that will attack submarines for you or homing torpedoes. There are features that are unavailable in WOWS and similar titles, like night battles, which change the gameplay completely, there are smoke grenades (meaning you can fire them away from your ship, not just set the smoke screen around your warship), there are different battle modes (f.e. competition, similar to FPS games, in which you can be respawned after your ship is down). There are submarines and aircraft carriers available in the game, but unlike WOWS they fit quite well in the gameplay.

Steel Ocean: Wolves of Deep Sea is similar to Steel Ocean (which premiered in 2014), in a sense of being the same game, with new owners and some small problems solved. It is far from being perfect (matchmaking is one of the weakest points), but on the other hand the title does not have the problems that World of Warships has, like hundreds overpowered premium ships, insanely overpowered aircraft carriers and many other problems.

Rating: 3.33 / 5 based on 3 votes


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