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Nothing to see here, just one huge idiot

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Youtuber jtisallbusiness claims that he has spent 100,000 USD on building his powerful character of Barbarian in Diablo Immortal. And now he has a problem... Sorry mate, we all have problem, because of you.

Nothing to see here, just one huge idiot

If you were wandering who are the idiots, who spend tons of money on pay-to-win games and spoil the whole industry, now one of them became public about his problem. Youtuber jtisallbusiness claims that he has spent 100,000 USD on building his powerful Barbarian character in Diablo Immortal, but there is a catch. Now that he is one of the most powerful characters on his server, if not the one, he struggles to find match-making in PvP Battleground mode. And he asks his viewers should he refund what he spent?

Of course the commenters under his video were sympathetic, pointing out that morons like jtisallbusiness caused the problem we are now stuck in a reality, in which games like Diablo Immortal blatantly milk users in pay-to-win schemes. One person like that spent more money on a pointless power-ups than about 90% of the players combined, so I’m sure Blizzard Entertainment, publisher of Diablo Immortal, will be happy to refund him... They found their whale, I’m sure they will just let him off, after all with them it’s all about fun and entertainment, right?

I said it before, and I will say it again, if you spend that kind of money on a video game you either have mental problems and you spend just for the thrill of spending money or you have way too much money to begin with. And in both cases it is personal matter for jtisallbusiness and none of my business. But because of people like that we all have problem, one such frickin idiot will be enough for Blizzard Entertainment and other publishers to justify putting the shameless money grab schemes in their titles.

I wrote an article on similar topic (Flexible conscience of a streamer) some time ago and it seems that things are just getting worse. Because of the "content creators" like jtisallbusiness, who complains that he "invested" (nope, you just foolishly spent) a lot of money in the game he cannot enjoy anymore. And maybe he should sue Blizzard for not "fixing" the problem. What problem? They achieved their goal - they got 100,000 USD out of it. And as KiraTV commented it: "you won the game, you are the best in the game, what more do you want?".

Clearly jtisallbusiness doesn’t understand how pay-to-win model works: you paid them the money, you won almost all of your fights and... that’s it! You outbid every single whale on your server, you’re the best! Isn’t it what you wanted? If you wanted to enjoy the game you should have work, improve yourself, challenge yourself, but you took a shortcut, so you are already the best.

And now it’s time to retire. And I mean really retire, because you just made world slightly worse because of your "investment" in Diablo Immortal, so... why don’t you give next pay-to-win titles a miss, huh? How about concentrating on your thriving "content creating" career? Oh, wait, your "content creating" career is playing Diablo Immortal... Well, so much about "creating" bit I guess.


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