The Web Boxing League

Online games / browser games - The Web Boxing League

Boxing strategy / simulation game, in which you create boxing characters with different abilities and fight for the championship title.

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The Weekend Predictions Game

Online games / browser games - The Weekend Predictions Game

Football / soccer prediction game, in which you compete against other users trying to guess the scores of real life matches.

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The World of Secfenia

Online games / browser games - The World of Secfenia

Massive multi-player fantasy renaissance role-playing game set in the 17th Century. Start a character in game, meet your neighbors and tell your story on the forum.

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Torn City

Online games / browser games - Torn City

Text based browser game is set in the murky underworld of Torn, where everyone’s out for themselves. In Torn you can be who ever you want to be and do what ever you want to do.

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Online games / browser games - Truce

Battle arena - improve your character, improve your base, explore dungeons and face bosses.

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Online games / browser games - TypeRacer

Global Typing Competition - increase your typing speed while racing against others.

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Urban Dead

Online games / browser games - Urban Dead

Make your way through derelict buildings and fend off the legions of the undead in this massively multiplayer zombie apocalypse.

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Online games / browser games - vManager

Brazilian online football manager that simulates real clubs in real divisions, but with generated players.

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War Thunder

Online games / browser games - War Thunder

Online multiplayer game that combines the tank battles with the air battles.

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Warlords of Eluria

Online games / browser games - Warlords of Eluria

Warlords of Eluria is a turn-based fantasy wargame/rpg set in the mythical lands of Eluria. Each player takes on the role of one of the many warlord factions vieing to extend their own kingdom in a time of upheaval.

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Online games / browser games - WhatsWrong

Spot the difference between two pictures - nothing more, nothing less. Oh yeah, and there’s a time limit!

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Where is Caroline?

Online games / browser games - Where is Caroline?

Simple adventure game based on sitcom Caroline in the City and retro game Agent USA.

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Will You Press the Button?

Online games / browser games - Will You Press the Button?

Have you ever wondered what would you sacrifice to gain invisibility? Or what limitations would you accept to gain superpower? Me neither. But clearly someone has.

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Wordle Today

Online games / browser games - Wordle Today

Wordle Today - your ultimate destination for wordle unlimited fun!and wordle hints await!

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World of Tanks

Online games / browser games - World of Tanks

Online multiplayer tank game that simulates tank battles with vehicles from 1930s throught 1950s.

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More gaming companies are going mental

More gaming companies are going mental

Another month and another case of gaming companies trying to outbid each other who will come up with worst idea. And, oh boy, do they got good at it.

New Fallout game is coming!

New Fallout game is coming!

It is coming in about 12 to 15 years to be exact. After recent presentation of Starfield gameplay Todd Howard confirmed that Fallout is the basic DNA of Bethesda, so of course there will be next title...