Kingdom of Loathing

Online games / browser games - Kingdom of Loathing

Set out on adventure into the world of surreal humour and parody of adventure games.

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Online games / browser games - Labyrinthine

Labyrinthine is a cooperative horror game that may make you never step into a hedge maze again.

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Online games / browser games - LogiTycoon

In LogiTycoon you will be the owner of a transport company. Buy trucks, trailers and hire employees. Create or join a corporation and work together with other players.

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Made Man Mafia

Online games / browser games - Made Man Mafia

Plot your path to victory, prizes, and glory in this retro-feel Mafia game.

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Mafia 1930

Online games / browser games - Mafia 1930

German mafia online game set in the 1930s and with outlook stylized to meet the era.

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Mafia Returns

Online games / browser games - Mafia Returns

RPG game set in reality of constant fights between different gangs - choose wisely to be on the winning side.

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Online games / browser games - Mafiakill

Mafiakill is text based mafia game. You were just released from prison and now you have to find a way to take over the underworld.

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Online games / browser games - Mafiaway

Free text-based mafia game with a simple goal - become the best gangster in the entire game.

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Manager League

Online games / browser games - Manager League

Multiplayer football manager game that runs from 2003 with dedicated group of players.

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Matchday 11

Online games / browser games - Matchday 11

Online football manager game in which you face opponents from around the world.

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Max F1

Online games / browser games - Max F1

Free browser F1 team manager game, unfortunately available only in Polish and unfortunately requires Flash plugin that soon will be blocked by major browsers.

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Online games / browser games - MBST1

Simple online puzzle game - decipher encoded messages with several difficulty levels to beat.

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Online games / browser games - Miniconomy

It is January 2042. The world is crowded with large and grey buildings. Shops do not exist anymore. People of all nations live together. The world is one trade nation and is dominated by computers. Except for one place. Welcome to Miniconomy.

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My Basketball Team

Online games / browser games - My Basketball Team

Free online fantasy basketball manager online game, in which users manage all aspects of their teams - training, transfers, facilities.

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Mystify Soccer

Online games / browser games - Mystify Soccer

Mystify Soccer is online soccer manager that simulates the divisions in 8 European countries (England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Romania) using real team names and fictitious players.

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And one to ruin them all - Fallout 4

And one to ruin them all - Fallout 4

Today something completely different - a nostalgia piece about a game from 2015 (ancient history for some) that was not in any way a bad game, but incorporated one bad idea that ruined all the good id...

Surprising (?) demise of Phasmophobia

Surprising (?) demise of Phasmophobia

No, Phasmophobia still exists, it does have some pretty loyal fanbase, it has about 16,000 active users, so... where is the demise you ask? Well, it is just around the corner, but the symptoms are, sa...