Online games / browser games - BFSMO

The Best Fantasy Football Manager Online is a free to play football manager game with a round of matches played every day.

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Online games / browser games - Blastmud

Multiplayer text-based post-apocalyptic MUD game - can you survive in a world, where everything wants to kill you?

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Online games / browser games - BrowserQuests

A single player, persistent world, browser based text role-playing game which mixes the classic RPG games with modern technology.

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Online games / browser games - BuzzerBeater

One of the longest running online basketball manager games, created back in 1999.

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Car Mechanic Tycoon

Online games / browser games - Car Mechanic Tycoon

You become the owner of a car mechanic company and take care of the day-to-day operations.

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City Guesser

Online games / browser games - City Guesser

Game based on the videos taken in different parts of the world - all you have to do is guess the correct location.

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Core Exiles

Online games / browser games - Core Exiles

Core Exiles is a sci-fi browser game, you play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune.

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Cosmic Supremacy

Online games / browser games - Cosmic Supremacy

Free turn-based massively multiplayer space strategy game with a 3D Galaxy View interface.

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Cricket Championship

Online games / browser games - Cricket Championship

Free browser-based cricket management game, where you manage and coach a cricket team. You choose which competitions to enter, select your team, train your players and, most importantly, define the tactics that your team will use in matches.

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Crime Scene

Online games / browser games - Crime Scene

Crime Scene features fictional crime cases in a unique combination of interactive fiction and gaming.

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Criminal Connection

Online games / browser games - Criminal Connection

One of the online mafia games, in which you build your own crime empire from scratch.

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Dawn 2055

Online games / browser games - Dawn 2055

Text-based browser game set in post-apocalyptic wastelands of Nevada and California - explore, fight, progress, trade, craft, scavenge, build.

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Deep Space Colony

Online games / browser games - Deep Space Colony

Browser-based online game set on the three-planet system - trade, explore, build your colony or try to conquer the other two planets.

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Detective Stories

Online games / browser games - Detective Stories

Challenging short stories that will test your creative thinking - face the Detective Stories.

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Online games / browser games - Die2Nite

Survival game set in world inhabited by zombies - collect resources, build your defence lines and be the last to survive.

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I’m with stupid

I’m with stupid

It seems like the media in the gaming industry has still a lot to learn from the examples such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Anthem - hype is not everything. Why do I mention it? No, I’m not gonna talk abou...

Stalker 2 postponed until September

Stalker 2 postponed until September

GSC Game World has done it again - they postponed the premiere of Stalker 2. Again. Once more. Yet again. The umpteenth time. And that is the whole news.