Earth Empires

Online games / browser games - Earth Empires

Browser-based country simulation and strategy game: in a post-apocalyptic reality take charge of your land and find a way to survive among your not always friendly neighbours.

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Online games / browser games - Ebony

Online puzzle game inspired by Notpron, that is based on similar concept - to solve the puzzle you need to think outside of the box, or rather outside of your web browser.

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Online games / browser games - Eleutheria

Interactive novel with elements of RPG - dive into the reality of ancient Greece.

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Elysium RPG

Online games / browser games - Elysium RPG

Elysium-RPG is a text based game multi-user dungeon (MUD), accessible via telnet or a MUD client.

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Europe 1300

Online games / browser games - Europe 1300

Historical medieval times simulator - become citizen of one of the medieval kingdoms and face the challenges of the life around 1300 AD.

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Fallen London

Online games / browser games - Fallen London

Forty years ago, London was stolen by bats. Discover a dark and hilarious Gothic underworld, where Hell is close, immortality is cheap, and the screaming has largely stopped.

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Fallin Game

Online games / browser games - Fallin Game

Slovakian game inspired by Fallout universe, Metro universe, but also the Darkest Dungeon.

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Fantasy League 50 Goals

Online games / browser games - Fantasy League 50 Goals

Online game that mixes the football prediction with a bit of social deduction - each player has 50 goals to spend during the season, but has to decide how and when use them wisely.

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Football Arena

Online games / browser games - Football Arena

Czech online soccer manager created as copy of Hattrick, but since then moved in different direction.

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Football Glory

Online games / browser games - Football Glory

One of the early online football managers online - established in 2001.

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Football Star

Online games / browser games - Football Star

Games that is spin-off of Planetarium Menager, instead of managing the football club you manage your own career as a football player.

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Online games / browser games - Football-o-Rama

Online soccer manager game inspired by classic games of the genre, like Championship Manager with unusual approach to the club management.

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Footballtop Manager

Online games / browser games - Footballtop Manager

Polish browser football manager - take control of the club in one of few countries and reach the top spot.

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Online games / browser games - Forumwarz

Forumwarz is a parody role-playing game that takes place on the Internet. In fact, Forumwarz is the Internet... in game form.

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Online games / browser games - Freeciv

Browser version of original Civilization game - build your civilization and face the other tribes in fight for domination.

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Stalker 2 news - Stop this planet, I wanna get off!

Stalker 2 news - Stop this planet, I wanna get off!

Stalker 2 popped up in the news again, due to NFTs drama, but also exposed that nothing has changed in the world lately. Unfortunately.

About four weeks...

About four weeks...

Yes, about four weeks. Maybe it is much, maybe it isn’t, it’s not really for me to judge. What am I talking about? About the period of time that really recognizable games can keep their audience i...